Ham Bagby was born in 1978, the youngest child of an Episcopal priest and a loving mother. He’s a pretty tall guy. It’s literally the first thing everyone and anyone says to him. Ham has been a janitor twice, worked in food service, stocked shelves, and done maintenance. He started playing music at 13 because he wanted to play when he was six, but that was when he got his first guitar. Ham Bagby lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for almost twenty years where he crafted his show’s mix of humor, southern flair, and attempted virtuosity. His Influences include Jimi Hendrix, Willie Nelson, and Prince—obviously— Roger Miller, Weird Al, Thin Lizzy, Waylon Jennings, and Tuscaloosa’s own The Dexateens.

As a solo artist, Ham fronts Ham Bagby and the Siege, but has always been a willing gun slinger for other bands, like Blaine Duncan and the Lookers, The Ne’er-do-Well’s, and Motel Ice Machine. More casually, he has played on recordings by Cy Simonton and Knympho Knife. There are two Ham Bagby albums available to purchase now, or stream if you’re under the age of 27, called “Ham Bagby: Shits Crucial is Track 7” and “Ham Bagby: Tryin Not To Die”. In the future, Ham Bagby plans to release more recordings and play more shows around the Southeast, or as far as his Hyundai will take him.

Ham Bagby shares about his journey becoming a full-time musician. Ham has played the Tuscaloosa/Birmingham AL scene for over 2 decades and gives insight on what he’s focused on to be a better musician.
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